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  • Not too bad. I am currently laid off while they rebuild a new Taco Bell, so I have lots of free time.
    No problem, you don't make it hard, even if we don't see eye to eye all the time, lol. And thanx for the kudo's on my profile pic. That's the name of our hunting club.
    It's the beta-testing. I'm actually using the version that Canadian content will be switching to presumably, once Andem gets all the kinks out.
    I saw a show once that built a roaster using a BBQ rotisserie and a coffee can... looked like a fun project but I don't know that I'd want to have to babysit my beans everytime like that. lol. Personally, I'm a huge fan of dark roasts... the more caramelized the better. yum.
    Yum! I work at a computer access center in Nakusp. People come in here to access the internet for free. A young lady came in this morning that was a spitting image of your WOW girl. I now know I still have a pulse!
    OK - I DO know that I'm probably stating the obvious - but Einassir is - well, SO rigid. You know? I have no problem with people who are right wing - as long as they've actually put some thought and research into their position. But people like Einassir ( and the Sir Joseph Porter person) - TOTALLY opposite ends of the spectrum, but SO similar in their blindness (although I have to say, as much as Einassir's messages piss me off, I admire his stick-toativeness. As misplaced as it is, he is an honorable person. Sir Joseph? Feh - they are the the Cliff Clavens of the internet.If someone is for something, they are against it.
    We're doing very well, thanks Anna. And you guys? We've been getting busier and busier in the last months, with the kids starting all sorts of new sports, etc. Fun doesn't seem to factor into it for ME, but they're loving it. lol.
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