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  • Hi, hon. Sorry. I had had enough of ignorant dingbats and left CC. I hope all is well with you and you are all healthy n happy. =)
    Hello Kiwi! Glad to see that you are okay! I was worried about you.:)

    I'm also glad to see that you had a wonderful time in Vancouver. Did you meet any fellow CCers while you were there?:)

    I should mention that I'm male, Kiwi. It looks like you thought I was a woman.;) LOL!
    Hello again Kiwi_NZ! I'm so sorry for losing touch. I had such a tough time but am getting back again! Hope all is well with you and yours!!
    I wish you a very merry xmas too, and have a wonderful trip, weather is mild
    here and comfortable.
    Aanii! (It's hello in Anishinaabemowin :D ) Blanket wall postings, huh? lol No worries, I do the same thing. I hope you all have an awesome Christmas and New Year, Sweetheart.
    That Wall Posting just answered the question I had for you in a PM a few
    minutes back. Right On & Best Wishes to you and yours too!!!
    Sweeet! Nice to see ya, kiwi! It's been a long time, eh? I can't wait to see the pictures you take from your Canadian trip!:)
    Hiya Kiwi! Thanks for stopping by my wall! The last couple of weeks have been pretty difficult but I am doing much better now. Just so you know, I am only a couple hours away from edmonton and always up for a road trip... when will you be there again? I always do a run in Edmonton in March and am thinking about the hypothermic half this year as well so will be around the area!
    Thanks, Sweetheart. :) I've been kind of walking around on air with my head in the clouds since. I've turned into a ditz. lol
    Understandable. So what did you keep busy at? Les is off firefighting again, bu5t I expect him back any day now. In the meantime I picked all the pears and canned them. Canned tomatoes, peaches, and apricots, too. Not sure if I told you, but we went on holidays visting the kids for a couple weeks and Shelley (oldest) told us we're going to be grandad and grandmum in february. If I did tell you, sorry. :D
    Hey, Sweetie! Same ol same ol. The odd troll spat, some fertilizer spreading, etc. lol
    Happy to see you out and about again!.
    Well, that would just be the start!

    (Plus, I didn't want to offend you and have to worry about an angry Kiwi kicking down my door and pummelling me.[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]) LOL!
    I'm just grand. Some weird stuff here is normal, I guess.
    Everything is always a work in progress.
    How're you doing?
    A little too mad at times. You wouldn't be able to give a good pal a nice neck rub, would you?;) LOL! :)

    ETA: Did you want me to delete your post on your own wall for you?;-):p
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