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  • HIya DG, I just answered your PM. I'm back again, now using a different browser so shouldn't have any more troubles, I hope! Lovely to see your smiley face.. See ya soon on the forum :)
    Kiwi.....just wanted to let you know that my friend passed away on August 19th. He suffered severely so I'm happy that he's at rest now. Sorry I stayed away for so long. Glad to be back again though. How are things with you?
    Kiwi....I hope you're doing well! Miss the fun and friends that I have on the forum. Been busy with my friend and don't want to miss a minute of his time here on this earth. If I'm not talking to him, I'm working or talking to family. It's a long weekend here so I may be able to get on here to chat and play this weekend! Thinking of you!
    DG Hugs!
    Thank you for kind comment, and joe is beautiful, probably the closest lab I have seen
    to the perfect specimen, he is 10 now, and I am allready feeling sad watching him grow
    old, he has grey chin now, and running a little slower, but still looks very handsome.
    Hiya Kiwi, I am glad to see you around. How have you been doing? We had an adorable Shar pei puppy in the clinic today! I thought of you when I saw her!
    Hi again kiwi!! Missing the fun with the hangman game and all...been busy as a beaver! LOL My friend seems to be doing very well again....cross your fingers! Hope to spend more time online soon. Take good care of yourself as well! Hugs, DG
    Kiwi, you're the best! Thanks for the message. Glad to hear that you're moving on with such great memories of your sister and friend.
    My friend is stable and seems to be doing well again! :) I spend all my free time talking to him....that's why I haven't been online often! He just got a new puppy today...7 week old mini female and she's as cute as a button!! I bought it for his birthday so he'll have lot's of enjoyment and something to keep his morale up!
    Thinking of you often.....ttys!
    DG :)
    Hi Kiwi,
    Thank you so much for your reponse , yes I'm asian ,
    Im Filipino , curently working here in middle east as an Accounts
    officer in one of the Logistics Company here in Qatar.
    I am looking forward for any help you can offer. I am flexible with
    any office work,and willing to relocate anytime .
    I am very thankful that you respond in my post.
    New Zealand is a great place , and its my greatest dream to work and
    live there.
    I'm hoping and praying that someday this will come true. :)
    I hope everything is ok , send my regards to your family and thanks for the message last time . Im glad to be your friend. Take care always :)
    Les is off fighting fires again. Doing well, he says. He phoned tonight. Said it was raining so maybe he'll be home soon. *Crosses fingers, toes, eyes, etc*
    I seem to have lost your email address, Love. Could you shoot me one so I can get it back, please?
    Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!! I am good, thank you. How are you?
    Great big hugs to you and Pete. :)
    Hey, Sweetheart. I hope you come back sometime. No pressure though. I know you have stuff to deal with.
    Good to hear from you! I can only imagine the beautiful eulogy that you wrote for your sister and friend! Coming from someone like you it must be! Take good care of yourself....sorry that I have been so busy with my friend and unable to be online very much. Hugs,
    Elaine're such a darling person and I'm sure that this must be such a trying time for you. Stay strong Kiwi! You're in my thoughts! Bless your sister and best fiend! Hugs....DG
    Well guys it has been a crazy week! My beautiful sister Chris passed away on Sunday morning, just 45 years old, was a lovely, quiet peaceful passing and exactly as she wanted it. and what is just as sad and with no warning is, my dearest bestest friend of 32 years died suddenly the morning before my sis, can you believe that! My friend was only 49. How precious life is. Both funerals are on the same day, so I miss my dear friends which truly breaks my heart. I have two eulogy's to write and my head is a mess! But I'll get it done :) ... Some idiot just said to me, wow, lucky you are so strong to cope with a double whammy! Some people can be careless with thought huh. Hope you're all behaving yourselves, I miss my new Canuk friends :) I'll be back with bells on in a few days time. xoxoxo Kiwi
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