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  • Great scenic shot I.B.Man..Looks Peaceful/Enjoyable/Relaxing.Ah Yeah, Springtimes back !...Let the fun in sun days begin..
    Hi In Between Man. You sent me this,
    "Mikemac! It's nice to see you! You may not remember me, my old name was "alleywayzalwayz". You and I discussed years ago the relationship between atheism and communism. I'm sure you know all about the nonsense that is posted when you bring up this dirty little fact. Nothing but denial! .... Glad to see you're still around!"

    Glad to see you too. Was that in this forum or another? Yeah for sure, denial when you point out the relationship between atheism and communism. And even more denial when you point out that it was mostly break away Jews that led the communist Russian Revolution.
    Thanks for the explanation. I will admit that not calling you 'alley' anymore will take some getting used to. Glad that you found a handle that you'll enjoy.:)
    Hi. Prince George?? I have relatives in PG. Nice place. Very nice people . Try to get up there at least once a year. Enjoy your posts. Have a super evening. OB.
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