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  • Yeah. That was the random 80s song that was going through my head. Lol. Don't ask me why.
    Are you kidding? I'm surrounded by teachers, they know how to discipline you!
    It'll definitely be liveier....more staff there. All in all, I think it'll be good. Campus is beautiful.
    It feels earlier, lol. I'm just tired of cardboard and boxes, lol.
    Yeah it was good. Kinda tired, need to go in for 8:15 tomorrow but it was good.
    Yeah, I noticed the absence of page-long posts. Not that I read much of any of them but my mouse doesn't have one of those wheel things so scrolling for kilometer after kilometer of BL posting to get to an interesting post was a pitb. lol
    Hope you and yours have been faring well the past few years. =)
    Thanks, Shadow.
    Haven't decided if I will stay or not yet.
    It's good to see some folks here. =)
    LOL. Fair enough.....anyway I gotta head off to bed. Need to be up really early, walk the dog, have a shower, go to the train station.

    Good night!
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