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  • I am very sorry to hear about your sister. Cancer is indeed an insidious thing, sparing no one from it's clutches. I hope that someday they are able to find a cure for it.:(

    As you said, however, at least your sister got 8 more years than she originally thought, and I imagine it was 8 years that she cherished as she got to spend more time with her loved ones.
    I cannot complain, thanks for asking.:)

    I hope your sister is going to be okay, and that it isn't anything serious.:(
    Kia ora Kiwi! I haven't seen you around in the last couple of days, where did you go? Hope you swing by soon! Ka kite ano!
    You aren't the first one to think that I was a woman. LOL! You would think that my endless flirting with the beautiful CC ladies would give me away, but alas...;) LOL!
    Thanks for the explanation of TPS.;) Regarding 'greenies', I meant your Reputation(which is located below your Avatar in each post as arrows). Using the 'add rep' option, I chose to "approve" the post which meant it was a positive rep. My name is green due to me being a Mod.:) I hope that helped.:)
    The message was "supposed" to read: "I hope that this is your first "greenie", kiwi. You certainly deserve it.", but for some reason it sent it before I was finished with it. LOL!
    The only pet that I have is a plant in my kitchen. If I can borrow my sister's digital camera, I'll take a picture or two. It is amazing how fast it's grown recently! New shoot after new shoot! Awesome!:)
    I apologize, kiwi, but I had to delete your signature as it was broken. I am not certain that this site is compatible with something from MySpace or not. I would ask the Big Cheese(Andem) if it is possible or not.:(
    You seem to have enough posts to send/receive PMs(Private Messages) so I will send you one later today(or tomorrow, as I have to work 7pm-7am tonight) with regards to my location(there is a person that used to be a member here that I have no desire knowing where I live).:) Thank you for the wonderful Wall message you sent me.:)
    Drats! Shadow beat me to it! I thought that I would be the first to graffiti up your wall! Ohhh, Shar peis, looks like their skin, coats and folds have been very well taken care of!
    Well, welcome!
    Nope. It hasn't. I hope you are enjoying yourself here, and are able to come to Canada. You are a welcome addition to the forums. Also, if you have any questions feel free to send a PM(Private Message) asking them. With 30 posts, you now have that function enabled.

    Nice doggies by the way.:)
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