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  • words fail me kiwi. There is no road that's harder to walk than the one you're taking with your sister right now, but there's also no road more worth toughing out. What you're doing for her is invaluable.
    We're very sorry to hear of your sis, Kiwi. You have our deepest compassion and concern.

    I fixed the booboo Anna made on your wall. She offers, "Ignorance of forum custom is my only excuse. HUGS"
    Oh kiwi sorry to hear about your poor sister! God bless her soul! Stay strong and remember that she'll be with the angels. I wish she has a very swift and peaceful passing.
    My dearest CC friends...I will be missing in action over the next several days as I spend time with my beautiful Sister. After 8 years and 4 x courageous cancer battles the time has come for my sis to join our angels, to fly free and soar in a new kingdom ... We are all going to be with her in her final days, this has happened ever so quickly and quite a shock to the whole family. She is an amazing lady and had the determination of 1000 men to live this long... Please send many Angel prayers and wish her a peaceful passing, she is a truly beautiful soul... ^i^ love and hugs Kiwi ^i^
    LOL kiwi_NZ your puppie are great looking too!! I can see that they have you trained well! LOL They're so sweet!
    OMG kiwi...what a time difference from there to here. It's about 7:30 p.m. Sunday evening here. I swear that I can't post anything in the Hangman thread again...LOL...I'm after messing up so many times already, it's becomming embarrassing!! LOL I have too much happening online at the same time that I just click and it's too late! I'm glad you can laugh with me over it! TTYL ...HUGS, DG
    Hey kiwi! Nice to be back....just a little busier than expected this weekend will be back and forth to play the game! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!
    You have a nice looking family. :) I'm impressed with myself. lol Forums are a mystery to me. Les mentioned posting pics but he's not sure how to. Maybe I can figure it out and find an embarassing one of him. :D
    Hi, Kiwi. This is Anna. Les told me to let you know he was shanghaied to go fight fires. :) It's a bloody hot June here. 2 big fires in BC. Usually we have intermittent rain till about the 3rd week in June.
    Anyway, he took laptop with him but I don't think he'll have much chance to login here.
    Sends a hug and a smooch. :)
    Yeah. Me, too. Gotta love humor.
    Anna's pretty funny. Her humor is a bit different than mine. She goes outside the box with it more than I do. It's hard to explain. Her humor sometimes is what you folks might say as being "spinny", but she's quite brllliant. Has a bachelor's degree in anthropology and ran a business for 12 or 13 years.
    Oscar Wilde once said, "Pleasure is the only thing to live for. Nothing ages like happiness." And I think that is what life is for and what it's all about. Enjoy it while we have it.
    So sorry to hear about your sister. Hugs right back at you, no matter her ailment I wish her and you the best.
    I love reading all the NZ lingo! Brings back so many memories, it is also fun to use some of the things that I remember. It is also nice that if I said 'ka pai' to you, you wont look at me and wonder why I just said cow pie! :lol:
    But really, glad to see you around again!
    Just had to share the Kiwi slang with you all cos we are a dag really!

    Kiwi - Words & Phrases - Dictionary of words and expressions commonly used in New Zealand with their equivalent definition. Many words and phrases listed here are common to both New Zealand, Great Britain and Australia, and I suspect their true origins are now somewhat confused, however, it is designed as a helpful insight to folk from the USA who often don't understand what we are talking about!
    Sorry to hear bout your Sis. <<HUGS>> for you both.

    Same old pile of scat here. Just different day. lol
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