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  • I'm doing much better now thanks! It was a hard few months of turmoil but it's working out well again! Thanks for asking and wondering! :)
    How you doing kiddo! Just dropping by to wish you and your family a warm and wonderful Xmas and an amazing New Year ahead! May all your dreams and wishes come true... Only 3 more sleeps for this Kiwi kid and I'll be touching down in Vancouver! :) Sooooo excited! :) Take care and maybe we can catch up in the new year ^i^ ((hugs)) xoxox Kiwi ^i^
    Thank you. I do pop in now and then. I have been extremely busy canning tomatoes and peppers and now we are harvesting the sweet corn, so that will take up a lot of time. We are also planting 100 winter strawberry plants this week. We still want to build the small building for a generator next to our garage and the greenhouse before the colder weather sets in.
    Hope you and your family are well. Take care.
    Hey DG, how you doing? Haven't seen you around. Are you Okay chick? Thinking of you ((Hugs Kiwi))
    Hiya DG, every time I come on you're not here (lol) .. How is your dear friend holding up? How are you holding up? You take real good care of yourself too chick. Grief and emotions are so painful at times. I'm back at CC's and bout time we got back in to HANGMAN! WoooooHoooooooo!
    DG I'm thinking of you and your friend at this time, how is he holding up? For me, I'm doing great! Life is for living and that's what we left behind must do. I'll continue to grieve from time to time as certain memories touch my heart but sadness is not good for the soul so moving on is a must. My Sis and bestest friend would kick my butt if they ever saw me down because they are gone. So each day I rejoice their life and get on with mine. I love them dearly, they will rest in my heart for ever. My Sisters Eulogy went without a hitch, It was truly amazing, it couldn't have gone better. I received many comments from people after the service so it touched people the way it was meant to, she was an amazing lady & sister and she deserved to go out with the best Eulogy ever. Was just awesome... Thank you for thinking of me DG, you're a lovely online friend ((hugs Kiwi))
    Thank you DG... Funeral today. It's 4.22am and I'm off for a walk with my dogs to clear my head. The eulogy I'm reading today for my sis's service is awesome! I wrote one for my friend Sherie too which is to be read out at her service today ^i^ Love & hugs Kiwi ^i^
    Thanks DG & Les, you're both gems! She is doing great, somewhat lucid, drifts in & out. I was playing my cellphone silly toons and messages I have asigned to different callers and she was laughing away! hard case... Have an awesone day, I'll be back! *said in her bestest Arnie voice*
    DG those furry friends of mine are my whole world, they are just the bees knees... Have you seen Les about? He hasn't been on for days :(
    Awww, thanks for the compliment DG, I reckon they're a pretty good looking bunch my family. Nearly as gooda a looking as my dogs
    Hey DG, great to see you and it's Monday here so I'm back & forth too as I am working. You picked a goodin hangman that's for sure! Hope our Les is back soon ... Have a fabulous Sunday ((Kiwi))
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