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  • what a **** show this place is.....gives me something to do while drinking my morning tea.......yipppee.
    Your FRIEND Sal......is being attacked...come..see on her wall....zoom in and close the account of the evil doer, TracyDEBBY........before she runs amok!!
    It will be even better now that the Lions are playing in Empire stadium, haz. I was watching Regina's news last night and the mentioned that we won our first Grey Cup there - not that many of the guys today would remember. :) I just like open stadiums - one reason I keep writing letters to the LeaderPost against getting a covered stadium.
    Haz, did you get to see the game yesterday? What a fabulous way to start the season. Our guys really came through and from what I saw, I think we have an all-star team again this year. Go, Riders, Go!
    Sorry Hazmart but it seems that the thread has been moved to troubleshooting. It is titled "Need help from Andem"
    If you go to introductions you will see that I am in fact rufus with a technical problem that Andem is going to fix for me. In the meantime I am not trying to deceive anyone so if at some point in time Andem gets around to merging the two names I will once again be able to log in under rufus.
    Hi there,
    Can you look at my post #23 on "I need to interview people" and see if you can figure out what's happening to my posts. Thanks
    is that chat thingy working ?
    was I banned from that?
    was it the teasing reports? :(
    what gives?
    how are you by the way .
    see I could of asked that there , but now , I have to do it here :(
    I will use this one caribbean breeze, the other account was not started by me. I have dealt with it on my side, you are free to close it on your side. Thanks.
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