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  • JLM,thanks for pointing that out to me,i really don't pay attention to who visits my page,profile or what ever it is called,i learnt a long time ago,it is not worthy of my attention,
    but thanks for your attention to my profile page,there appears to be a lot of sneakness going on within this forum,I don't mind nice sneaks who have their agenda,as long as they respect mine.it doesn't matter about sneaks as i only come to the forum to write,as i have some impairments in expressing what i need to articulate,some kind of phobia,so the forum serves my agendas of becoming braver and just writing sh it!
    I have been information auditing for a long time,I have lots to articulate.
    I question the accuracy of the list of visitors to your profile page. Mine (in alphabetical order) has been the same for years although the number is continuously growing.
    are you joking,that seems like a lot of instruction for right now,maybe tomorrow.i just am not sure what the email thing is,like on this forum,the message centre?my personal email thing?what are you saying,am i mixed up?
    In case you haven't figured out the email thing yet..

    Go to settings>edit preferences under the header 'recieve email' the last one is 'default thread subscription mode'. open the drop-down box and highlight "no email notification" and click. Go to bottom of page and click 'save changes'. Done!
    it certainly is an honour to become Canadian,no doubt about that,but i think we are talking something emotional again,i just pay attention to law.
    does anyone know about logout,i am having problems closing out of ccf?should i contact the moderator,or should i press some unknown buttons?
    Click on "settings" top right side of page
    Click on "edit options"
    uncheck box- receive email form admin.
    would someone or something be kind enough to assit me with my request,do I have to go to the corporate office?Help me with my ignorance please!
    does anyone know how to block canadian content forums coming into my email account,notifications is junking up my email account.I think i may have creepers accessing my email account.
    also I would like to erase some of my content,how do i do that.
    having problems accessing political forums,says the subject is temporary closed or something like that,anyone know what that is all about?
    my apoligies for my ongoing ignorance
    oh good,now i am associating a relationship with so many new names,I am so excited,welcome TracyDebby,can't find Boomer,I love the predictability of this site,the predictability of the sequence of comment ,it is so much fun,or i think it is,the stereotyping is the tell tale of comments, I feel like I am being groomed for equal vision.You are a great big bunch,or may I say small bunch, thanks for all the personal messages.
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