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  • Anna, I know you're Les's wife. I heard tell of you long before you joined. All good of course. ;)
    ROTFLMAO ...............................hey does this mean I have to hug him? :|
    Hope that beard is soft hahahahahah
    Awww It's Anna Banana day :D HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
    (((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) (((((((((Squeeze ))))))))) if Gil isn't looking ;) lolololol
    How you doing kiddo! Just dropping by to wish you and your family a warm and wonderful Xmas and an amazing New Year ahead! May all your dreams and wishes come true... Only 3 more sleeps for this Kiwi kid and I'll be touching down in Vancouver! :) Sooooo excited! :) Take care and maybe we can catch up in the new year ^i^ ((hugs)) Kiwi ^i^
    phew, thanx for that lol sorry, been going thru turmoil over the last few months.....getting it back together and hoping to be back on here as a regular pain in the arse ;-)
    LOL thanks hon - I got a good chuckle out of those vids - if you ever want to send a card to someone with that song on the second one, here's a link - I've sent this to a few people who I knew could handle the joke... maybe you can send it to Les on his next one...
    I actually quite like the artist who does those, her stuff is available at Care2Care - a fantastic site btw - and here's another of my favourites by her that I like to send people for no reason at all.
    yesterday I had to go when you sent the message because I had a class.
    you are here today!
    I think it's the first time we are meeting online.
    yep, the Benadryl took care of it all. I've been taking it easy the last little while though... bone tired with this weather change we've had. There's snow on the ground. Blech.
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