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  • Some conspiracy theories are made up because in some circumstances people can not accept the facts the Diana incident being a classic example, i guess you could go on forever .
    it a bit like the princess diana conspiracy theory ,it will keep rolling on for a long time but well never know the truth
    cheers just read the 911 forum very interesting ,all the conspiracy theories ,for a moment i started to use my old skills from past job ,looking at all the evidence ,that would have been some investigation .
    Anna ive found the members forum joke section etc ,im not a computer whiz kid ,i hadnt tabbed down far enough to find the right forum ,but im getting the hang of it now ,i guess ill have to get my kids to show me how its done ,ill stick to timber from now on ,meanwhile ill try and think of some good topics
    anna as ive quoted your message on the forum for strange traditions in england im new to the web site and just finding my way around ,perhaps you could enlighten me to which forum i should have quoted on and how ,before ive gone to the help line and posted a new thread on the forum ,
    Anna, thanks for the compliment on the religion thread. You can MSN me, chapter11lawyer@hotmail.com if you want.
    sweet! You'll have to email me pix when it arrives. Feb is gonna bring a valentines baby :)
    awwww, that is awesome news, no matter how many times you tell me. Congrats Nana and Grandad to be!
    Nah not me, not lost, not AWOL! F%^$ked PC ! LOL ... I literally just gave up for a few weeks... Got too frustrating
    I almost gave up ever getting back on CC. All because of my browser apparently. Have a new browser, all good, no issues what so ever! YeeeHaaa!
    Though I don't know that it's necessarilly a consequence of breeding :D

    Probably like all many other things human, genetics loads the gun, and the environment pulls the trigger...
    Ahh, yes that's true. I should qualify, the turkeys you find in agricultural settings. The ones that have been selectively bred. They are quite dumb, an unintended consequence lol. They have to be taught how to drink now.
    Well, when we figure out where that is, I'll let you know! :D

    I like the little critters too. Could be worse, they could be as dumb as turkeys...a truly dumb animal.

    My favourite animal always has been the peregrine falcon. Glad they are rebounding now.
    Nice. I don't pretend to know much about egg production. Jamie is the egg head, lol. Her fourth year project was with Lohman white laying hens. The breed she really would love to have I think is Plymouth Barred Rock.

    Seriously, I'll probably need to build a 200'X100' barn for all her animals...but she's applying to Vet school this year, and I think very likely to be accepted. So she'll probably have a rehabilitation clinic or something like that. I'm more into raptors, so if she had something like that, I would be quite keen.
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