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  • Yeah. It's funny. I might add that a lot of what conspiracists come up with is also pretty dodgy.
    I don't think so. The claim by the official report that there was only one shot is extremely unlikely.
    Well, that's not as interesting as the Kennedy assassination, but yeah, they're all homes for a lot of conspiracy ideas. lol
    Yeah.It seems that people can't seem to see the broad picture and end up focusing on small parts. So they are right that fire could not have brought the buildings down. They are also right that the buildings couldn't have sustained enough impact damage to fall down either. But they can't seem to see that it isn't an either /or situation and that all the factors pout together COULD and likely did make the buildings fall down.
    You're on my friends list carpenter dave ,and you can talk to/at me anytime (luv your avatar ,I assume it suits you to a "T")
    Well. You seem to have made yourself quite at home here, Dave. Welcome to CC, and I hope you have a great time.:)
    Thanks for the friend invite! I am glad to see that you are enjoying your self here!
    I always enjoy meeting someone new dave, especially skilled craftsmen who might be moving to my area hey? lol. (just kidding of course!).
    sorry carpenter dave, the oversight was mine... apparently since we know eachother 'in the real world' we didn't feel the need to be friends on here. lol. here's the link to his profile....

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    ya know... take a gander through my friend list, and send him a message from there.
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