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  • lol...But he thinks he's being so clever. He's certain none of us have him figured. Unf's a big meanie!! You should see all the declarations of innocence behind the scenes while he spurs it all on.... it's quite humorous really.
    bahaha.... I knew you were just teasing... think about what I said for a minute... ;)
    I don't know you but I liked your thread about George Harrison of the BEATLES...anyone who is a fan is a friend..ykwim (Ya know what I mean?) :D
    Well Hey!
    This was a nice surprise!
    Good to see your name active here again. I'm never here, so I'm just seeing your message now.
    We had a great Christmas, thanks for asking. Hope you did too.
    So...ah....where have you been? Hmmmm!
    Figured you sailed away, never to be seen again. lol
    Thanks Alister! And yep, I remember Lady Madonna and Ron from the old board as I still get to hear from them. Glad you guys had a great time. Too bad to hear about Muz though. I haven't heard from him in a while.

    Sorry to hear about the broken vertebrae in your back. Ouch! Makes me think of my Dad a bit as he's been going to the chiropractor for his joints. It's horrible to get older, eh?

    At least it gets you to visit your old haunts like you said. *laugh*

    I'm glad you're keeping well at least, Alister. Take care!

    Not too much...not too much. I finished high school but I'm in for an extra year as I'm taking a co-op placement at a museum. It's been great for the most part. Also had Commencement a few weeks ago as I picked up some hardware! Got two bursaries, two subject awards and Ontario Scholar. Oh and Diploma too! I have a few photos on that on TPA in case you were interested. They include yours truly on there. *smile* Anyway, that's what's been up with me. What's been up with you? Paul
    Those were Colt cigarillos in there...I never saw who owns it...but my take on it would be someone not allowed to smoke or even have any in the house....There is a little corner store nearby...and they are sold in packs of five...
    I'm hoping someday to catch a snap of who it is, just to satisfy my curiosity:lol:
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