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  • I have 2 climbers. I use those for when I travel to new areas. I'm not a huge fan of them because I'm a fat ass, lol. They're not real comfortable for me. I prefer to build tree stands, but because a lot of the area we hunt is public land I have to use portables, or ladder stands. We got them all descented, hung them and now we only need to got back once or twice a month to check the mineral licks and top up the corn piles. Along with watching our biologic crops. The spring crop already started to pop up and they're already on them. In late August I'll plant the fall crop and that will keep them happy till spring. That and the thousands of pounds of corn, lol.
    Gotta run, we're putting up our new tree stands today. All the clearing's done, now the fun stuff of climbing trees and strapping stands starts. This Black Bear don't do trees so well, lol.
    I just remembered, I do have his email and just sent him one. See if he responds and gives me a reason- I will let you know if I hear from him.
    I think only the mods and Bear have his email. Dont know of anyone on here, maybe Karrie?
    OK not just me then. Maybe ITN didnt pay the bill...lol
    I have tried to come on here a few times but I find it to be very slow loading at home and at work.
    yeah, for the time being i'll use the jon secada pic here as my personal pic. i may change the images in the future. :smile:i wish the board had an automatic resizer. resizing images manually is complicated and time consuming for me.:-( one thing that is weird is that the avatar is not being displayed properly on peoples walls screen or on the members online screen or on the what are you doing screen.:-(
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