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  • Hi, JBG
    I'm not going to post my Yahoo on the wall and you have private messages turned off.
    Usually when I have Yahoo on I am in here anyway.
    Hello JBG. I wasn't surprised, to be honest. We actually have a fair number of Americans here, and the majority of them are good eggs.:)

    I hope you are enjoying yourself here and I look forward to reading your posts.

    I should mention that I also check everyone's profile as I am a Moderator(as is anyone with their name in green) and I try to check up on all new(and potential) members.:)
    You're quite welcome. I like a good thoughtful post. :)
    I have Yahoo. MSN made me angry one time so I told them to stuff it. lol
    Not much surprises me. I check out everyone's profile when they're
    new & for their first handful of postings. The names in Green are the
    Moderators. I'm not the only one to check out your postings it seems.
    You're welcome. You see that we agree on very little but I try to take the high road. Don't hesitate to MSN me chapter11lawyer@hotmail.com
    Hi JBG. Yes, I am the same Machjo who posts on Mapleleafweb. I must say though that I appreciate your asking and not having made the assumption.
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