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  • Ahhh. Say no more. Only so many characters can fit in that window. :D

    What kind of chickens do you have their anyways? My fiancee Jamie would like to get some heritage breeds some day, when we actually own land. lol
    Wow. That is a first! Someone who doesn't like pears!

    (I also got rid of that deleted message from your Wall for you.;) )
    Well, if somebody actually took offense then you could always post them in your Album and mark that particular Album 'Private'. That way only Admin/Mods and your Friends could view the pictures. ;) LOL!
    Banning someone for showing a little skin? Bah! It's not like you were attempting to post anything hardcore, right?;)

    Plus, I was apparently able to give you Rep twice. Normally it says that I have to spread it around before I can give it again, so you should consider yourself lucky. You got a double dose of Shivvie. LOL! :)
    We're really here just to get away from "everyone" for a few days. I babysit grandkids every Monday/Tuesday so when I found out I was off on Wed. Thurs. I told the kids to find another sitter for a couple of days so we could have a little holiday. With school going back in soon it will almost feel like that anyway. I look after 5 of them most of the time for those two days and sometimes for other reasons as well. I took 3 of them out camping a couple of weeks or so ago. We had fun. We don't always bring our computers but we are not far out of town and have full hookups so - might as well use them.
    Hi Anna,
    Thanks a bunch. Starting to get dark out so we thought we would save our walk for the morning. I only got off work 3 hours ago so we aren't doing too bad. I've been home, changed, and then we went to do a little grocery shopping (had to eat supper)and now we've eaten and we're just sitting here. We are right beside the ocean so it's a tad chilly. I'm glad you sent the link. It will give me something to read for awhile. Terrible isn't it - we come out camping and both of us sit here on our laptops! Oh well, early night to bed tonight. :)
    Congrats! Our parents seem to really enjoy all their grandkids (or put on a good show of it anyway). lol. Have fun visiting. We'll catch up more when you get back I'm sure.
    AnnaG Moose stew on the stove. Elk steak last night. Trout tomorrow.
    You know , that is just as bad as a sexual tease 'o'
    Maybe he's calmed down a bit on the threat. Like the boy who cried wolf idea. Rats! lol It's hilarious that people can call him "silly" or foolish" and he says that's filthy guttertalk. lmao And I almost peed myself when he said, "What's wrong with being a narcissist?"
    With Joe it was a simple matter of principles. He'd threatened something like 5 people in ONE DAY with putting them on ignore, and I made a mental note that the next time he made the threat, I would simply put him quietly on ignore. It took all of 1 day for him to threaten someone else. And I'm sure he still threatens people with it constantly, or makes sure to point out that they're on his ignore list. lol. So I just quietly put him on.
    oh, tons to say. lol. but, since I have him on ignore, I figure I probably shouldn't sit and talk about him with no chance for him to defend himself. lol.
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