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  • This will give you pause to smile!!
    The Hollywood Free Paper
    Source: www.hollywoodfreepaper.org
    The Hollywood Free Paper was the twice monthly newspaper of the Jesus Movement from 1969 till roughly 1975. Our website continues to be a gathering place for the Jesus People.
    Tell Mr. Blackleaf I am sorry. I didn't see his post if you can direct me I will express my feelings and opinion there. Again Sorry. God Bless. Peace Out.
    Hi, Hazmart. :)
    Yes, apparently Yahoo's blocking works as well as the "do not subscribe" function here. lol
    I will try find a tool to unsubscribe. TY
    Hi Anna, Just saw that you are still having issues getting the emails. I'm sorry, for some reason I thought that it was resolved.
    I think you mentioned that you had tried to unsubscribe to the threads that you were still getting mail from. Did you do that by going to those threads and clicking 'tools' and then 'unsubscribe'? If so, you are still getting emails from those particular threads? Let me know, I will keep working on figuring this out with you.
    Hey Anna, you have your own ID now I see? Cool and yes I am back! How are you ???
    Oh yes, I remember that myself. If you go to settings at the top of the page and then go to preferences. There is an area called thread subsrciption mode or something along those lines. You can click 'no email notification'. Now you still may receieve emails from threads that you have already posted in. I think you have to unsubscribe to those threads to stop the emails but I will check that out and get back to you.
    Hope that helps a bit!
    Welcome to the forum. Its been fun debating with you. I look forward to more, the discussions and your friendship. :)
    As an Anti-SPAM tool, new members can't post links for their
    first 25 posts or so....maybe it's 50. After that, and I think you're
    most of the way there, you can post links, send & receiver Private
    Messages, etc...If you look below anyone's post, you'll notice that
    in blue is says write on wall, add as friend, and send pm.
    You're missing the send pm thing, but will appear soon and then
    you can do anything anyone else can do.
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