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  • Are you still here ...I wasn't but that's 'cause I mistakenly thought this site was no longer around! I know better now, now what's your excuse? :)
    Where are you? I need your support debating in the evening hours. You got start getting up at about 2 or 3 am your time and help a brother out! ;););) Talk to you soon bud!
    hi bluedog,
    Sorry, I know nothing about football and have very little to no interest in sports, I am not really interested in your proposal, but I am sure there are others who would. Have fun.
    Not sure what Fantasy Football is?
    In not so brief, here it is! lol!!!

    There is a common draft of players on the given day. You name your team. You pick a logo or upload an image you think reflects its new name.
    The draft room has a pre-ranking system of all quarterbacks, runningbacks and recievers as well as tight ends- all from performances last year. You- for your team, make a list before draft day of all favorites you want on your team. As the draft rounds progress, when it is your turn, you get the person next on your list if still available, if not the next one down. OR. You can avoid the pressure and just push the "automated draft" button and the computer drafts for you either from your list or the pre-draft ranking list. It makes it easy for a novice. lol!

    Your team follows the season schedules, totalling wins losses and aquires the statistics from your players actual performances for that week. Thus the player by points system accumulates Touchdowns, Yds Rushing, Receiving, etc for that week and they are compared to the team you are playing. If I was "Groucho's 'Stache" and you were the "The Quintessential Gentlemen" our points would be compared tallied and decide an actual winner. You can follow your players as well as your opposition on that day live from your team page as it happens.

    Our League would accumulate and compare figures and decide total wins/losses for the week, deciding what the division standings are and then- we meet at the end of the year in the playoffs if we qualify. The champion is the result of elimination rounds.

    Weekly adjustments can be made to your roster, trades can happen between teams, free agents can be aquired from a list of players not drafted by any teams. When injuries happen you are informed and have a bench player or free agent come in. Hopefully his stats are comparable! lol!!! That is really the ONLY reason to check in.

    It gives us good outlets for taunting and griefing our opponents and generally a good time is had by all. lol!!! Interested? I will GLADLY help you through any problems brother and answer questions as the arise. It would be good to share it together and get to know you, thats all.

    Peace out brother!:fish:

    Once started and your team is setup it is easy. You just have to check in once a week to adjust lineups and look for injuries. I can help there too!
    Sorry bluedog, but my knowledge of football is practically nonexistent. I have heard of fantasy football, but I have no idea what that is. How does it go?
    Hello Mark!

    Thanks for the offer, I do appreciate it.........except for one thing....I loathe sports. :)

    Really. Ah well, another time, another thing.

    thanks again for the offer.

    Robert (aka Colpy)
    I have never used the facebook, so I couldn’t tell you. I suggest you contact Ron. He is a moderator, he is quite knowledgeable about these things, and in the past I have found him quite helpful.
    bluedog, I have to again refer you to the site owner and administrator for all problems you experience with Canadian Content as I am a regular member now with no access to the moderation or administrative tools for the site. His name is Andem. Have a great day!
    Well, good for you guys. Nice to see someone viewing their faith on terms less focused on church dogma and politics, rather than on the message.
    Hi Bluedog - I'd have to refer you to the site owner, Andem for the answer to yoru question. He'll be back from holidays next week, so why don't you give him a try at that time?
    Good morning bluedog,

    It appears you can't receive private messages yet. You may need to elevate your post count before that feature is enabled for you.
    In response to your pm to me, I'm no longer a mod here so I'm going to forward your thoughts on to moderating team. If you need to contact them, their names are Ron in Regina, Hazmart and Shadowshiv. The owner of the site is Andem. Any of these people will be happy to receive your comments at any time you'd like feedback or assistance.

    Have a marvelous day!
    I don't know what your problem is but when I click on the link I go to my book store on Lulu and see my three books, so I have no idea where you end up. I write under my own name. If you go to and search for Cliff Woffenden, maybe you would do better. Other than that, I would suspect your computer, especially if it is a PC.
    If you are interested in books, you could Google: The Freedom of Responsibility, Ghost Peoples and But now I see. I doubt you would read them though.
    :fish:"God doesn’t use anger to produce his righteousness in us. His wrath doesn’t move those in hell to love him. God imputes to us Christ’s righteousness, then moves us to obey out of gratitude. We love because he first loved us, not because he first intimidated us."
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