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  • Yep, you were right on the whole abortion mess, and how to resolve it. I got caught up in the moment.

    It just PISSES ME OFF how you're a check on my knee jerks, and help to re-ground me in solid principles. Thank you.
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    You're more than welcome, my friend. You've set me on the right path a few times yourself.
    I agree with you that Rittenhouse is almost certainly not guilty by reason of self-defense. What I don't get is all this sympathy and praise for a kid who armed himself with an illegal weapon and went hours from his home. You really think he wasn't looking for trouble?

    I thought you supported "reasonable gun laws." What's not reasonable about "You aren't allowed to own an AR-15 until you're 18?"
    LOL......I unblocked Hoid and now I just give him reddies every chance I get. It's a lot more fun.
    John Stewart, Doug Stewart, Laverne Stewart thier father was chief of police, Doug died in a car accident long time ago.
    Was the North End anywhere near the the old K-Mart? I remember one name at the moment, Martin Lamey. I,ll see my younger brother later this evening and get a few more for sure.
    Colpy I spent a few years on Havelock street west Saint John when I was a kid. I ,m a year older than you, I might have passed you in the street sometime. Beaconsfield was my school. Seaside park was my smoking hangout. Merry Christmas
    Colpy, make sure you catch Power might have to watch it online but gotta hear Don Martin. He Rocks this Last Word. Enjoy

    Colpy, I believe you would enjoy Don Martin's Last Word today. He taped it in front of the Parliament buildings and the Canada 150 skating rink erected there. His rant is about the 5.6 mil that it cost and all the rigorous restrictions on its use. It's a hoot, man.
    Hurry up and post something, I'm falling asleep here tonight, I could be watching the wood burn.
    It's not often I scroll down to the bottom of the Front Page. Apparently it's your 60th Birthday. Happy Birthday you old fart!
    Merry Christmas! I always enjoy reading your posts and am thankful you are on this forum!
    All the best in the new year friend!

    Adam :)
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