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  • I actually do follow pro sports but the games are lethal usually involve armour and weapons of mass destruction/construction. The Riders thrill you the same way a tank battle thrills me.
    Not the least bit worried about the rest of the civilized world knowing about my Riders, DB. The fact that Rider fans fill the stadium game after game to cheer them on is proof we have the greatest fans in the CFL. LOL!
    Rockin' DB.......my Rider's won their 3 game in a row today and handed the Bombers their 3rd loss in a row. I could not be happier. How's by you?
    My good friend whom I always call my Irish Kid Brother (he has since passed on) LOVED Nova Scotia. He said it was the ideal place for me to visit and knew that I would love it there. Sad that I never went.
    I still don't see you as a friend on my page, DB. I don't know of any alert.

    I never bother with my status thingee, Beav.......it matters not in the scheme of things, eh. LOL
    Why am I not surprised. LOL. It is enough to know that you are endeavoring to find it.
    Heyo DB
    from one DB to the other
    love yer work!
    happy day before the day before the eve of the blood moon!
    its all fun and games till some one starts bleeding out the....moon
    carry on
    Sorry, DB. I was attempting to like your comment in the "fear of The Lord" thread and I accidentally hit the down symbol.
    Well I'll see what I can do. Lord knows growing conditions for certain things need to be DRY and hot. Heehee.
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