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  • Dark Beaver, the beer is cooler on the porch, to which I have been consigned for the ostensive purpose of smoking tobbacco, It is a cruel discrimination that is made endurable with front porch therapy, beer and marijuana. Between the three I lick the platter clean, the platter being my brain. And you? Where is the beer cooler?

    Got this off Canadian Content; Termas of Service

    (e) When participating in a Forum, never assume that people are who they say they are, know what they say they know, or are affiliated with whom they say they are affiliated with in any chat room, message board, or other user- generated content area. Information obtained in a Forum may not be reliable, and it is not a good idea to trade or make any investment decisions based solely or largely on information you cannot confirm. We cannot be responsible for the content or accuracy of any information, and shall not be responsible for any trading or investment decisions made based on such information.

    The key words to me are "never assume." I finally got the same impression that you did.


    Someone says he has read Marx.

    You claim to having read Marx. Then you should have gleaned from the reading that the very first requirement for a worker is to understand his or her economic relationaship in a capitalist society. One would think that you would not have to delve deeply into Marx’s writing to grasp some of that. Be aware of your surroundings, Marx didn’t just conjure stuff out of his head, he was aware of his surroundings and a scholar of history. Do you fancy yourself a scholar of history. Idoubt that you are by a long shot.

    What kind of introduction is this? If you want to help the cause of international socialism this ain't the way to go. Don't run away without entering the discussion just because I stepped on your tongue a little bit, if you're what you say you are you should be more than tough enough to respond and join the ranks with a fellow socialist, without petty nitpicking that the ranks do not need to see. I have long ago paid my dues to the movement that I believe in. I read Capital and the Communist manifesto, does that make me a scholar, no it dosen't, my surroundings were for the most part a stinking rubber factory in a transnational capitalist nightmare. My introduction to the movement was as a union activist, for a union I never got to be a member of. I read twenty or so of the pages on your site last night and guess what, every word of it is true and valid. So contribute or don't it's up to you, I bear no grudge whatever, you see I'v been there and done it and I got the scars to proove it.
    best regards DARKBEAVER

    Regarding the above. I caused the misunderstanding. I orginally pulled it off of another forum where I replied to a marauder who was incessantly posting comments bashing socialism. The first time I submitted my comment to Canadia Content, it failed and somehow that clarification was left out when I resubmitted my comment. Sorry for the confusion.

    The thought crosses my mind that these bashers do the dirty work for the ruling class for free and do a better job than if the ruling relied entirely on hirelings. That way the upper crust can bask away on exodic beaches knowing such urchens are busy helping keep the working class embued with debilitating nonsense.


    Donald J Donaker
    Here's hoping you've behaved well enough for a full stocking from Santyclaws.

    I hope you have a great holiday!
    Ah, we get delegated to the bottom now. We will rise again, eh? G'night.

    signed, Hermite (farm woman, sun goes down, so do I)

    Just having a few brewskles here, ok.
    DB, you are SO funny. Jeez. Why is there no :rofl: smilie here?

    I have to always remember to put my beer down before I read your posts so's I don't end up with foam all over my monitor. :lol:
    Haaaaaaaaaa that is quite the stone head ya have there... :)

    Just passing on by and markin' up your wall.

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