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  • is this my wall or your wall? Yes there we are my wall, there was no coin toss involved, it was pure guess work. Never mind trying to get my cloths off hahahaha of course I,m handsome, I have fukkin mirrors. I do have depth but the actual stuff I have sunk into at depth is a short list for sure as I am considerably aware of your position as a positive contribution to the merryment that passes for intellectual release here, I,ve enjoyed my time here becauase thwere,s alway someone interesting and intelligent and experianced shows up like you sooner or later. I enjoy your company as well. cheers
    yer a handsome specimin DB a formidable contribtor of considerable depth, in my peculiar estimation, I enjoy your company sir
    Glad to have you as a Forum Friend!
    Sadly, a great many of my past friends have either been banned or left for a variety of reasons. Despite the many naughty exchanges and its limitations, it still remains basically a good place to be.
    Hi Danbones Teacumsy is OK very intelligent , as far as I can tell,the intelligent are taxed in times like these I guess.
    Welcome, by the way. Pleasure chatting with you. That won't last. I figure we'll turn you into a shrieking, snarky, pissy as*hole in three months or so.

    Just like the rest of us.
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