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  • LOL i dont consider you a skinheads, those guys are weak, You strike me more as a redneck hillbilly like me lol
    C'mon, I see you lurking in the Supreme court thread, I could use a little back up, lol.
    I thought it might be fun to start a private Fantasy Football league for us, private with the CCons, any group of 12 or so. I play every season. It is as good as any facebook app! lol !!!!
    It will give us a good reason to stay in touch and give each other some booyahs! Or some friendly grief!! lol !!!,, FOXsports net, YahooSports has a good one. Any suggestions? Demands??? lol!!!

    Auto or live draft? Auto probably preferred with your pre-draft rankings.

    Write me back before Monday??
    I look forward to it.
    I can set it up or whoever...

    God Bless You
    May the Lord Grace your
    weekend with Angels!

    Mark Bellware
    hahahah Colpy thanks for the comment. Yeah im From Toronto, and compared to you i may seem like a pinko commie but don't be mistaken, im much more of an empiricist than a liberal partisen. In Ontario we have a pitiful libertal government who just passed the Green Energy Act which for all intensive purposes is a power grab. The largest influence upon the libs has been the environmental lobby which have played on eco-guilt. We are investing huge sums of money into renewables (mostly wind) which will increase our energy prices exponentially. What we need is more nuclear power in this province. So as you see, im much more into pragmatism than following party lines.
    Congrats to ya! Sounds like a great gig. Damned good reason to be a bit scarce here....

    All the best....
    I saw you getting angry, even in your words. You don't type like that often, so I know when you've about had it with their stupidity. I understand and empathize completely, lol...I suffer from the same reaction to dumb.

    Although, I'm trying a new approach with MHz. I don't know if she's stupid or a sadomasochist. But she sure loves being proved wrong, time and time again. lol...keep the faith bru. You're a good man.
    LOL, I still can't give you any rep!!! You hit Mhz nail, right on the head, nice shot.
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