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  • Hello my Friend.
    Happy Easter to you as well. Things here are much the same right now. I hope your situation has improved.
    I have not forgotten my promise. Next time hubby works evenings and I have time to just sit and concentrate on things I like to do - I will keep that promise. I always do my best to keep any promise I make. Good to hear from you though.
    Hey Francis,
    How are you faring? Sorry I have not answered your last message. I wanted time to respond but it seems there is very little of it where I am not interupted lately. I do think about you and wonder how you are doing. I have been on here for awhile this morning but have been up at least 5 times for one of the kids for something or other. It's pro D days today and tomorrow. Kids are here all day.
    Where are you? Have not seen you on here for days. Sorry I've been somewhat "absent". Just too much going on in the family right now. Everytime we think it's starting to settle down it just flares up again. If "she" keeps her word today, things should settle down at least a little but I'm not counting on it.
    I had a good New Year's, thanks. I hope you did as well. I am not sure that I will go to Taco Bell tonight, since you told your wonderful stories about it in the "mcdonald's/ants" thread.;) LOL!

    By the way, I deleted that Wall message from the spammer. Talk about baloney...;)
    Thank you and A Happy New Years to you, your family and loved ones. How is the recovery from the car accident coming?
    Thought I sent you a message but obviously I never used the wall to wall feature. It's on my page for you to read. Sorry. I wondered about it at the time but as you know, I am often on the run. I only checked now.
    A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. Here is to hoping that you completely recover from your mishap (if you haven't already).
    Hi Francis! Well another year has passed us by. I hope you are getting better. Any chance you will be back to work in the new year?
    Anyhoo just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, you deserve it!
    Sorry I have not been available. My last couple of work days were tough. Big orders with lots to pack and lift.
    Have kids today and tomorrow. Hockey game is on so kids are all up stairs with me while my hubby and son watch the game. Trying to get the Christmas tree decorated as well. I'll finish it off tomorrow and make some fudge for the kids. Toblerone Fudge. Recipe is on line and it's so easy and tastes great.
    We have at least an inch of snow and it's still falling. My son said it was horrid coming home from around Duncan today.
    I also had a dentist appt. and an optomitrist appt. today. Soooo busy. I only get short bursts to be on here. I will talk to you soon. I'm not ignoring you. Just don't have the time to chat. :)
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