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  • Hi Goober, I am well. Winter hasn't started ... yet. Snow on the mountain tops, the mushrooms are in season but motorcycle season has ended. Life is good in paradise. :)
    Your mailbox is full. So I can't reply and say thank you. So thank you, lol.
    Still making beer- I hazard a guess that it turns out better than my stuff. I was chatting with my wife and would love to visit Boston some time as I heard it is a beautiful city- Probably never happen but 1 city I would like to see.
    But other places to visit first- unless I win the Lotto.
    I would by a security program. Problem could come from the IPad as well. While the IPad is not infected it can pass it on to others.
    That is one thing Mac users forget or do not care about.

    My Yahoo was breached but the rest of my system was OK.

    And 1 tip I was told about laptops- If you start downloading and realize Oh shxt- Unplug- pull the battery out.
    I honestly just use telus security and common sense. Apparently, the kids have missed the memo. Of course, I shouldn't blame them until I get to their comp and scan it. For all I know, hubbys iPad could be the culprit, but it seems unlikely.
    I suspect my preteen kids have something to do with it. It seems that MY computer is clean, now I just need to turn theirs on and run the crazy plethora of scans on it.
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