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  • I raced to my mail to see what it is and - I don't have mail. Write and tell me! :)
    I kind of thought you might say something about that. It wasn't that I minded going to work so much as I had a good start on un-packing the garage because it doesn't seem to be getting done by anyone else around here. I didn't really want to stop because I want to park my car in there. Our driveway is on the small side so with my Nitro and hubby's Dodge Ram, there isn't much room. I did clear a pretty good hole so hopefully, someone else in this household will tie into some of the rest while I am at work tomorrow. We don't need things like a lawn mower and a huge wheel barrow anymore and yet there they sit, just taking up my parking space. Hubby can take them to our son's new house and store them there. Weather report shows we are to get a little snow tomorrow but sunny for the rest of the week so not too likely we'll get much. It warmed up quite a bit from the time I went to work and the time I came home. I have a doctor's appt. early morning so I have to hit the kip. Take care. Talk to you soon.
    I'm eating dinner while I type and then I have to get ready. Have fun at work!! Surely you jest! lol Going to work for a stupid 4 hours at this time of the day is not much fun. I made more progress trying to empy out the garage this afternoon than in what I will do at work tonight.
    Hey you too.
    Sorry I have not written back to you. I will. Lots going on again. I head for work in a couple of hours also.
    mug ( rhymes with dog )..
    Seemed odd to come across that today. Just put our pup down in the past couple of hours. Feeling really blue.
    I have to do that right now. I sit down for a few min. and I read through and sometimes respond to some posts but I don't have time to sit for very long. Between my job and un-packing I don't have a lot of time to spend so I use it to catch up on various threads (just incase I want to add my point of view. lol So --- in a couple of weeks I will probably be in a better position to use the chat feature. I know myself and it's just too easy to chat rather than get moving and do what I need to. Just got our TV connected today so that's a new feature in our house after almost 2 weeks without it. Started to go with Telus satellite but ended up going with Shaw digital/high def. Now I have to figure out how to work the thing.
    You got the H1N1? or both? I guess because of your son's allergies and your accident. I see in our local paper today that the scheduled vaccine for here for next week won't be here but - they expect it will be the following week. Hopefully we will get ours then if we don't get the flu first.
    If you don't wall talk there is still the pm function.
    Our move went awful. Movers cancelled us at 5:30 PM on the day of the move after they were already late. It has taken a week to get all our stuff here. Hubby is over at the old house getting some of the balance of the stuff now. I think he will have to make one more trip tomorrow. Plant pots, lawn mower and stuff like that. We had a huge table in our garage that he is taking apart so it will fit in his truck and then dropping it off at our son's house. It's his table anyway. Once we get organized we will sell things like our lawn mower. We don't need anything like that now. Just have a few min. left and then I have to get ready for work. 6PM - 10 PM tonight. Hardly worth showing up.
    How are things? We've just been through the worst move we've ever had and are still dealing with it so I have not been around much. Got our internet tonight but still don't have TV. Drives the kids a little crazy when they arrive after school. Anyway, I just thought I would say a quick hello. We are hoping that we will finish up with the "old" house by tomorrow and never have to go back there again. Moving company was 4 hours late already by the time they called (at 5:30 PM) to tell us they would not be moving us! Our entire move has been done via pickup trucks. Second day it was raining so hard we couldn't see let alone move any belongings. It's been okay weather wise the past couple of days so we have everything here that matters if it does rain. Just the end things left like outdoor stuff (hoses/mowers/patio furniture etc.) I cleaned most of the house today and we'll head over tomorrow A.M. Hubby will load some of the bigger yard things while I finish cleaning. One way or another my job there is done tomorrow. He's off for the next few days now but I have to work for the rest of the week from Wed. on. Then we have to organize this one. Better than moving just before Christmas like we did last time. Talk to you on line when I have more time.
    Good to hear you are still kicking. I've been working and getting out to sell my book. I've done a few talks, one at a library and another at Selkirk College. My health has been pretty good, with only a few scares. Enjoyed the heck out of my motorcycle this summer. Ya can't beat Kootenay roads for riding.
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