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  • I'll contact you soon. Too much going on at the moment. Come back here please - it's okay.
    Hey bud, I wish you a speedy recovery. Doesn't sound like the way you were planning to spend your summer. Take care. Best Fishes!
    hi, thanks for the note - I'm having a busy summer as we've just finished moving. Lots to do! Hope your summer is going well... Zan
    I thought it might be fun to start a private Fantasy Football league for us, private with the CCons, any group of 12 or so. I play every season. It is as good as any facebook app! lol !!!!
    It will give us a good reason to stay in touch and give each other some booyahs! Or some friendly grief!! lol !!!,, FOXsports net, YahooSports has a good one. Any suggestions? Demands??? lol!!!

    Auto or live draft? Auto probably preferred with your pre-draft rankings.

    Write me back before Monday??
    I look forward to it.
    I can set it up or whoever...

    God Bless You
    May the Lord Grace your
    weekend with Angels!

    Mark Bellware
    I was thinking about you earlier today, but I was going to see how the next
    couple of days went before I PM'd you to peek in and see what you think...
    Good to hear from you Francis....all the best to you and your family!
    Looking forward to seeing you back when things calm down for you!
    I knew you were still here - saw you on the MJ thread (or one of them anyway). Let yourself enjoy your holidays and just relax. I'll talk to you again soon.
    Hi You,
    Your message brought me back here for a peek. Seems right now, all is quiet on the western/eastern front. Come say hello to old friends and new.
    Hi SirFrancis how are things with you? Haven't seen you online for such a long time! Hope all is well!
    Hey you! Just saw the greenie! :) and you are right, it did make me smile! You are such a sweetheart! Haven't talked to you much lately, Hope you are still doing well. Take care!
    uh-oh... fashion faux pas to show up in the same outfit as someone else ya know! lol. CDNBear and you are running the same avatar! lol.
    Of course it's you! What else could it be? Well that and I got to scrub in for surgery on the sister-in-law's cat and a really old friend just called the other day! Life can be great! On that note, how was your week off? I hope the stress levels are down at your house and you all are well again.
    No, but it looks like Adobe are aware of it. Apparently the sites themselves are the cause, and that is due to them implementing something incorrectly with it. At least the problem isn't on my end.;)
    Hey there!:)

    Alas, the tendrils of Taco Bell took hold of me this past weekend. Mmmmmm! Burritos!;)

    How are you?:)
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