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    Thank you so much for not responding to cannuck's posts on the CFL topic, Pete. I was so hoping no one would and so far so good.
    The "unread private message" has brought me here to the wall. Is something screwed up?
    Sorry petros but we can't reverse those, only an admin can, and he hasn't been around for staff functions lately. I'll give you one to balance out the karma though ;)
    lol - just saw yer post about the trap n'gill - I've been there a few times - never tried the fishn'chips - maybe I will next time.
    Time does goes to fast - My daughter came into my life when she was 10 - Now 28 - Life is good - and grandchildren do change you - they bring out that part that to many tuck away - the child part - meaning sense of wonder and fun - They show you a new sense of wonder.
    My little angel - Life is really good - Hope all is going the same with you and your loved ones.
    Come on! You have to do something more original than a cat upside down with a watermelon skin on it's head!
    Is the message below this one intended for me? If it was - until this very moment - I never saw it. I don't have but a moment right now. Have to leave early for work as I need to stop at the bank. I gather you probably have realized if you have seen any of my posts that we sold our house and are moving into a level entry/walk out basement townhouse. We are both very excited. Son and wife have split completely and she now has her own one room apartment. Her choice. Gotta go. Talk soon.
    I thank you and the ladies thank you!! Under the circumstances I hope your family got together and shared love and good times creating good memories.

    There were many new empty seats at the dinner table filled in with high chairs and new spouses this year.

    It has been a hard year for family losses but every year there is still more babies than elders passing.

    In reflection I can truly say that I have plenty to be thankfull for.

    I hope you feel the same.

    Been good and enjoying an amazing, prosperous autumn. Now I wait for freeze up and back to the rock pile.
    I had to do that last fall to a diabetic cat we had. I hope the flu thing passes. Kids are resilient and have ways of beating fears. back in the early 1900's the kids sang a a song that made the danger part of daily life easier "I had a little bird it's name was Enza. I opened the window and in flew Enza". Maybe a little song about hand washing would do the kids of the world some good like not opening windows did for those in the past.
    I am at this moment about to pack up my cat and take her to the vet's for her final trip. It's a tough day.
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