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  • Thanks JLM, I try to be open minded but can be stubborn. Nothing wrong with not seeing things eye to eye as long as civility is present which you have extended and I can appreciate that. Others may be more passionate in making their comments but I find that the norm with some subjects that can be polarizing. Okay, flak jacket on, I'm heading back in lol.
    Um...…………….perhaps you need a different source of information, I like girls, I like money, I like head cheese! Anything else a guy should like?
    Hi JLM, I will be gone for a while. Petros is becoming psychotic. He is threatening to do me bodily harm. I just thought it was the ravings of a lunatic, but he went to my facebook page and took a picture of me to use as his avatar. That kind of obsession is too scary for me. He thinks he knows something about my life but he doesn't. He has built up a story in his mind that has nothing to do with reality. I am afraid his psychosis will escalate if I stay. If you hear of anything happening to me, direct the police to investigate him. His real name is Grant and lives in a slum area of Regina. Take care.
    I know the area quite well too, we lived in Grand Forks for 9 years and camped at the Kettle River campground two or three times- beautiful campground, hope the damage can be restored.
    Really scary accounts of how fast that Rock Creek fire spread, JLM - some folks were totally on their own for something like 3 hours not knowing where to go or what do and having left everything behind at the campground when told to evacuate. Just breaks my heart to read about the fires. Spent 3 summers prospecting around that whole area and fell in love with it. We actually stayed in Rock Creek a few times. Sad, so sad. Hope you get some moisture soon - we are hoping for the same here.
    Howdy, JLM. Was just reading online about the fires in Rock Creek and Oliver areas.........wondering how you folks are there in Vernon and if smoke is affecting you at all .......stay safe.

    hi JLM,could you assist me?i am not understanding the "last 6 visitors" to my site,what happens it shows/displays the same 6 people as being "the last",you are one of them,even thou i have the same identified visitors,usually in the same order, the count changes,i.e, states i have had 96 visits to my site,could you help me out in understanding the whole count thing on this forum.you are always listed as number one,do you visit my site often, or do you thing the identifier must be stuck or something like that,i hope to figure this out
    Aaah, Randy was a faller. Well respected. Lived in Vernon for many years but worked all throughout BC. He passed away from cancer a few years ago. He would have been about 54 today. He used to say how small Vernon is...I thought maybe you had a connection.
    Ah, here I was hoping perhaps you had a stellar dining experience to brag about. lol.
    since Tober brought up 'wining and dining'.... did you ever go try Bamboo Beach?
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