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  • Good morning to you too Scratch. You'll often see me on here this time of day as I'm an insomniac- too many naps during the day maybe.
    I think I'm doing this right. I haven't quite got this site figured out yet. I was, and guess I still am fokker, if I continue to use canada.com. VI2 thought something bad happened to you when you disapeard, we had no idea you reincarnated youself as hb43. HH was good at pushing buttons, I tried not to engage her too often. She also signed on as JLM followed by a number or something, at least I assume it was her, didn't last long. Cheers
    JLM, I checked it, too. I tried to post a test massage. I got the message that the post will be moderated. So they haven’t got back to instant posting.

    I have a feeling that this is as good as it gets. In spite of what Alex says, I think they have switched to a moderated forum.

    Well, I want no part of it. As I told you, I was the first one to protest loudly in the forum. I publically proclaimed that I was looking elsewhere. I have no intention of returning to a moderated forum.
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