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  • Balancing life is an art, it is hard, but rewarding if you can find it, or so I've seen in others, I'm not quite there.
    Me too
    Sorting out life apres-retirement is tricky. All of a sudden he's got time on his hands, and then there's me with the job!I love the income that I have - but after all these years of him going away, I'd like to be free to just pick up and take off - but to do that, I have to surrender my hard fought for salary (trust me - it's not big but it's mine)
    Nope - he retired in October - big fanfare and while he loved the past 37 years, he;s happy to be finished. Me? I started my career late - went back to school in Colorado and finished in Canada. What can I say - even this late in life it's nice to actually have a job that you trained for! MWAHAHA!!
    We all like to be at least partly anonymous.
    Happy New Year to you and your family. Things are okay at our house. We wish they were better but they will never change from what they are so time for everyone to just move on and hopefully to better things. Our family is one member less but she chose to leave and certainly stays away, even from her children.
    Had everyone over for dinner tonight and just as I started typing the room filled up with people. We have our one son and his kids every Monday and Tuesday so it seemed only fair to invite the others as well tonight. They all really enjoy hockey and I like it but not so much so I stayed upstairs with my grandson while they watched Canada win Silver.
    As to your cold, my son has been like that too. His cold seemed to come and go about 3 times. He wants to start running but didn't feel well enough to get started. He's hoping to be able to start by Saturday. All the kids here went through horrible colds and most of the adults did too.
    Life is different in our house/family these days. I guess no one is ever prepared for divorce in a family. I know that my son was completely blind-sided and never expected it at all. This part of the forum is too public so I'll not say more right now.
    That's a big plane you are standing beside in comparison to the red one. Were you the pilot there too?
    Well - just got a call and my shift has been changed to 4 hours earlier than I planned tomorrow so I have to do a few things to be ready (about 14 hours earlier than I planned to have them ready). I think I'll "wander" around the forums a little and then go get the iron out.
    What does Anna mean when she says you can't be all that grim looking. Even with my glasses on I can't see you!! :)
    Hi Bob,
    Haven't heard from you in awhile. Is it my turn to write? Just wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.
    I knew it was the same colour but it had a slightly different look. At least I noticed it was different! LOL
    Hi Bob
    I'll try to write before you disappear again. It's good to hear from you. New plane in your avatar isn't it?
    Wow, you are learning! Say "Hi' to your daughter. I wish her the best!
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