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    Greenpeace Claims Immunity from Lawsuits Because Its Claims Are ‘Hyperbole’

    Still see them, they seem to run in cycles like everything else, just hope they don't come back as locusts, they kinda do that too now and again.
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    Greenpeace Claims Immunity from Lawsuits Because Its Claims Are ‘Hyperbole’

    I'm sure it can be done with minimal impact as well, though it wouldn't be just 4 times per day because tides rise and fall continuously, it would just be the null times of high and low tides where the power generation would be at its lowest. The environmental impact on sea life would probably...
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    Greenpeace Claims Immunity from Lawsuits Because Its Claims Are ‘Hyperbole’

    The plaintiffs' counsel must be just gobsmacked, essentially having had the defendants make your case. This is a major political lobby group, not the Enquirer, and their word is taken seriously by enough politicians that many industries have suffered, possibly needlessly and unjustifiably. It...
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    Trump’s Climate Plans Just Made the Media’s Heads Explode

    A breath of fresh air, so to speak.
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    Hot Sauces/Condiments Redux

    A number of years ago my youngest daughter sent me a four-pack of hot sauces from "Jungle Heat" named Cremator, Scorpion Sting, The Hottest We Got, and I forget the other one, Inferno maybe. Scorpion Sting is my favourite because it has a nice flavour without being stupid hot, and hey, they are...
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    Canadian Climate Change Denier Gets Schooled

    But often the ally, or even the love child of progressives.
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    Canadian Climate Change Denier Gets Schooled

    Anytime anyone says; "the science is settled" you know the argument is lost, by them. Science doesn't work that way, very little science is "settled". The axiom that all human activity one earth would comprise 36 frames of a feature length movie of earth's history would mean that evidence from...
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    Treating Tinnitus with Medical Marijuana?

    Sounds like there're are a lot of tinnitus sufferers here. And I'm one as well after years of sitting behind or just ahead of very loud piston and turbine engines. I also did a lot of competitive shooting. Some days are worse than others. I've had two audiograms in as many years and have...
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    Amateur author seeking help on attacking ozone layer

    That was for weather control, the ozone layer is well above the troposphere.
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    Cheese Fraudster Gets Community Service Instead of Jail Time

    What?! This isn't like selling crab which is just flavoured Pollock, (which BTW my wife accused, [and was right], the Athena restaurant in Saskatoon of doing, we got our meals comped). This is more like selling dog turds calling them Oh Henry bars. I for one would be pretty cheesed off.
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    UFO in Toronto's skies?

    Can you actually see the sky in TO?
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    9/11, an inside job?

    One of these days I'll start work on a book. I could certainly write one right now, but it would be a bit of a rambling thing too 'cause my mind is always going, until its not. I never flew in the military but had lost no less than seven close friends and aquainances in accidents by the time I...
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    9/11, an inside job?

    Not sure exactly what you're getting at, but what I'm saying is that this incident was kind of proof that our reliance on automation and technology was seriously flawed. Airbus designed the pilot out of the loop to eliminate "pilot error", and just introduced computer error into the loop. I...
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    9/11, an inside job?

    That is still in the experimental stage, but one of the worst kept secrets in the conspiracy theory realm dealing with automation involves this incident: YouTube - Air France Crash
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    9/11, an inside job?

    The problem with a lot of theories is what makes money in Hollyweird, where Mythbusters meets MacGyver. Where theories work 100% of the time on celluloid or are tested under controlled environments and are only somewhat "busted". Sometimes the totally "busted" myths do actually work under some...