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  • roflmao Thank you, Hon. Cliff Clavens indeed. That's priceless. I agree whole-heartedly. Eanassir is a simple-minded hack for Islam but yes, he is dogged. He isn't terribly honorable as he says he is an MD, but he once discussed one of his patient's medical condition in CanCon. That's a nono and I think he got a forced holiday from here for it.
    Sir Pompass is just your average narcissist with an average intelligence, but he's been at it for 60 years, and as such, is pretty good at being one. lol
    Sorry - it was me who was confused. It shows on your profile but not on your posts. Just the quesiton mark shows on your posts - no avatar. He would make a great avatar to go with your name.
    Hope you have enjoyed a great Easter. We stuffed ourselves with all the usual foods tonight.
    I gather you have been having some great weather. I have family in Ottawa. We had a major power outage here two days ago. Thousands of homes without power and some were out for over 24 hours. It hit the store I work in but came back on again only 10 min. before my shift started so it didn't affect me there and for some odd reason, we were one of the few places it didnt' hit period. Had our son and his children not arrived cold and hungry due to his lack of power, we wouldn't have known it was out. Pouring rain here tonight again but they say we are having our normal weather for this time of year. I know yours is far from normal for this time of year. We have to come to Ottawa in July. My niece is getting married there.
    Sounds like the argument may be more with yourself. I had plenty of time off and just wanted to stay home, I don't know if he's like that. My wife and kids loved me being home, but they liked to travel, I don't, done enough of that. I got back into it because of the money not the love of the job. Sounds like you love your job but it is an inconvenience to your plans. Or are they his? That could cause a bit of friction, if that is not the case, you have a bit of soul searching to do. Sometimes doing a job you love is more thereputic than getting away. Balancing life is an art, it is hard, but rewarding if you can find it, or so I've seen in others, I'm not quite there.
    Hubby's a lucky guy, I had to get back into the game. Not as much fun as it used to be. Now the Mrs. has to spend her time criss crossing the country visiting the young'ns to keep from getting lonely.
    LOL - I love your "self photo"! We can all use a good chuckle from time to time and when I came to your page and saw the photo I laughed out loud. I think it's great! Nice to hear from you today.
    Hey: Been a long time since Cancom and haven't chatted since then, or seen you on here much. Is hubby out there doing the helo thing? Its tough being an avwidow, I know, I live with one. (Or are you the same DHW?)
    Hey You,
    Saw you on line last night but I was tired so I headed to bed. How have you been? Life in our family is beyond busy right now so I drop in and out of the forums. I don't have the time or energy for any deep reading.
    Hey You,
    How are you? Sorry I didn't answer your last note. I read things with the best intentions of going back to answer and - I forget. Too busy I guess. I pop on here and run through some threads and head out to work or work around the house and then I pop on here again. We've been camping as well so that is time well spent away from the computer.
    How has your summer been? How is the new job going?
    It was good to hear from you. I love having you around because you often say much the same thing I do but you just say it better. Helps to clarify my post!!
    Sorry it took so long, but I keep forgetting to check these messages. Yes be dead. We held a funeral about 10 months ago before a bunch of us migrated here. Some couldn't take the heat and left here too, like Spade and VanIsle. It can get rather fiesty in here but so far nobody or gang has singled me out for retribution. SirJoseph takes a lot of heat but he shrugs it off pretty good. JML can spar with the best of them. Captain Morgan is here but for the most part leaves me alone. BCProud is here (Francis) but he has trouble with the heat too, taxslave came as himself, holding his own, Petros (I forget his handle over there) is up to his usual antics, Chev and Goober are also old friends. Couple of others here bt my brain ain't what it used to be. Hope you are enjoying summer. Is your main squeeze home now?
    Nice to hear from you. Congrats on your youngest. Those "youngest babies" have a way of making you a Gramma!
    They are quick here. HH got the boot and I've never seen her back. It's good here and while there are times that I seem to talk to the whole crew, there are other days when I never say anything to any of them. Good people here and you will enjoy it. I find it difficult to start a new thread in the way of finding something that is of interest to more than me. Sometimes I try because I get bored with the old. Hard to work on a computer all day and come home and start again. I was a switchboard operator (more than once)and I hated talking on the phone when I got home. Anyway, just jump in and have fun. You should try going to the introduction page and introducing yourself. It's a good thing to say you are from Helps the others from there and it kind of helps you into the whole group here. I've had my moments here and there but it's better then It's rare for someone to become truly obnoxious.
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