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  • Thanks, JLM! Right now I'm struggling trying to figure out where to put the snow from my drive!
    The road off of laketrail is 'webb' road, or 'powerhouse', both of them will take you
    there, then 'bood' to salsbury, or powerhouse to rachael. We used to walk down
    to the fish hatchery weekly during the summer/fall. We also walked out 'back' and
    along the pipe line to the river, or up to the bridge. We had dogs, so we were
    out the back on the dirt roads all the time. Do you think you will move again, or
    ever come back to the island? When I was in Grand Forks I walked all over the town,
    went to the safeway? I think, the bank, and had a big snoop, nice little town.
    Not me. I'm glad she is gone. I have never met anyone quite so awful. I was not looking forward to any of her nastiness.
    She cannot control her anger when it comes to me. Shouldn't go on for long. After tonight she'll know who I am and you just watch. Sparks are going to fly and they won't be coming from me. I've said enough now. She should manage the rest all by herself.
    this is getting verywierd, as we lived at 56 salisbury road from l984 to l987, then
    we moved to royston, then to rachael rd in l988, hmmm, what a small world,
    I loved that area, don't know why we went out to macaulay rd after that, just
    itchy feet I guess, was glad to get back to courtenay proper again.
    Small world, Talloola, we lived on Rachael Rd for about a year and a half, owned the corner property with the mobile home at the very top on the right as you head west right across the road from the power line. That was 1982-83. Can't remember off hand the name of the road coming from Lake Trail Rd.
    just read your message from one week ago. Didn't know people on macaulay rd, maybe to see, but not the name. We lived on Rachael rd, from l988 to l991, then moved to
    macaulay rd. we lived about one block from fish hachery, on right side, river side.
    Thanks. I was really looking for a specific one but no one answered. I guess no one has heard of the one I am seeking.
    Merry Christmas JLM
    Hi again, I was thinking, yes that's odd, but just to let you know, Alba Nuadh directly translated is Scotland New. Weird syntax for a weird language.
    Yes and no, I am fokker in my other life, (go figure I choose another Dutch aircraft designer, but at least Bob immigrated to Canada), and no, I live at the other end of the country, Alba Nuadh is Gaelic for Nova Scotia, (which is Latin). I've been to BC quite a few times though but it is one of three provinces I haven't actually lived in, (Quebec and Newfoundland are the other two).
    I think you are talking about "Tom's Turnabout". I'm not sure - one of the few names I know around there. There are a lot of lakes in Nanamo. Sorry - but that's too personal a question. I'm not about to give my location.
    No snow yet JLM but is is cooler today. Weather reports says more rain. We've had it very lovely the past several weeks. Not much rain and it's been very mild. It's hard to start preparing for Christmas with such mild weather. Not complaining tho as I do not like snow and cold. I would rather have rain anytime over snow. Weather report shows us dropping down to a high of 2 this coming week but for one day only. We seem to be hanging around 5-7 for highs each day. While they are becoming scarce, there are still flowers around and lawns are still green. We live near a lake but it is not frozen over in the least. I did hear on the news last night that the whole Okanagan was going to get hit with some snow. Since it is a tad colder where you are I expect you and Cliff have your snow shovels out. (Fokker too except he probably had his out a little sooner).
    I don't know when Woolco was there. For a few years it was Walmart until Walmart moved to Woodgrove Centre and actually is probably the centre of Woodgrove Mall. You and I (JLM and I) spoke openly about me living where I do so I really don't understand why it's a surprize to you.
    Well you are an insomniac and I have a sleep disorder. Great pair, what!
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