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  • Scratch - you have admitted to having several accounts here, and mocked the mods and admin for 'not doing anything' about it. Did you not realize that we were fully aware that you were here in a new identity - several times - trying to turn over a new leaf? And you repaid this kindness how again? AND you had the audacity to show up here as both Johai and Scratch simultaneously after making a mockery of the good people here who bent over backwards to to look the other way when your 'bad days' flared up or your idiosyncrasies became difficult for not only us but other members? And you wish to call me a friend? Dishonesty and unkindness are not very conducive to friendship.
    Dearest Scratch, I am a lurker...I admit. I am also a nurse and a relative of someone who posts regularly on here. I am concerned about your well being, and know about the whole December Depression thing. If you would like to talk, please do not hesitate to drop me a line or two. Lin
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