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    CDN-Economy & Related Factors

    They buy bonds that fund infrastructure.
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    End the Lockdown
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    #KillerCuomo Should Be In Prison for His COVID-19 Lies

    Ivermectin is another that could have been used.
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    The American People Don’t Want Socialist Policies Like Price Controls

    Its negating the market from sorting out.
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    Britain's new space force 'could deploy RAF Typhoon fighter jets to the "edge of space" to destroy Russian and Chinese military satellites'

    I'd wager Gen 10 or 11 is in the works. Even the Commies have Gen 6.
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    Biden Addresses Racism Against Asians

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    End the Lockdown

    Koo-koo bananas
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    Refugee Crisis

    Refuge, gees.
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    Space Thread

    Did it look right?
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    Space Thread

    Did you watch B00Mer's video?
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    #KillerCuomo Should Be In Prison for His COVID-19 Lies

    Nobody is reputable. Use a search engine. Find the numbers, read full quotes not nips out of context, use logic, experience and process of elimination.
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    One Year Ago Today.. 😷

    Fuck no!