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  • We've had a really nice summer with just enough rain and plenty of sunshine. This heat came at a perfect time for crops. We are doing fantastic for production. There shall be beer and bread for all this winter.

    HST? Oh no! That is horrible to hear. That will completely kill any hopes of an economy in BC. BC had such amazing potential but it has all been sold off for penny whistles and moon pies.
    That's really a good thing. We've had good weather too. Little rain last night but sunny right now and warm. My brother dropped off a whole pail of nice ripe tomatoes last night. We are supposed to get thunderstorms tonight though. Then back to the good weather again.
    We were going to go camping for the first 4 days of the up coming week but have changed our minds and will spend the time preparing our house and yard for the market. We'll try it on our own for awhile and if it's taking too long we'll consider a realtor. Have to purchase or build before the new HST comes into effect. Sold our old truck today so that's one more thing off our "to do" list.
    It is healing very well thanks. No cast, no tensor from day one. It's still sore inside of course but I will probably be back to work by end of June at the latest. Have to go outside right now. Have to plant some flowers and do a few other things. It's a kidlet day and I have company coming. Did you get my email at your address? Need to know if it's still working. Talk later.
    Where you at man? The old timers here are running amok without you to keep them in line.
    You are guilty like Sirrup - You have to do a wall to wall for me to get your message. I just saw this now (Mar 26) because you did not send it to my wall. The young lady is going a very long ways from home. You will miss her.
    Mondays and Tuesday are babysitting days. Maybe if you come camping this year we can try to set a time.
    Are you watching the Hornby Is. eagles. It's really interesting.
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