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  • 5:00 ish - heavy on the 'ish' - bring yer wifey and your mando!
    Oh Nugg, that does sound racey. lol. Thanks for noticing it though. No one else seemed to. Everyone even completely ignored my comment about financial security... ie., selling my kids in a real pinch. Ah well ;-)
    dammit Nugg, I still can't greenie you. Your 'skewed' joke made me giggle. You're hilarious to read.
    hey! G'day to you too... frackin' snow here! The good news? No yard duty again! :cool:
    rats - apprently I've appreciated you too much lately - can't give ya a greenie... will a smooch on da cheek do?
    thank you for your post today Nuggles... chivalry is very fetching. ;-)
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