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  • Hi Stretch, good to see you back around for a bit. Things here have been well,'d say that's the usual but it is a bit early for that. :)
    I moved your thread to the US politics subforum, since it's not a 'current event.'
    Hi Strech , Today's the 15th , m visa ends on 17 th .I have applied for the extension on the line and paid the money .They took the money -no visa extension yet . I,d like to stay in Austrarlia for few more month till he weather changes up north .And ten back home -Canada ,haven't bin there now for more than 8 ys.
    Hi Stretch, love "the down under" On 18 th going to Sydney ,perhaps for a long time.

    Wish you all he best.
    lol The answer to your Q about who is phuked up is SJP. Most people are only neurotic in some way, narcissism is a psychosis and SJP is one. You are doing fine, Stretch. :)
    Hi Strech ,This is just to inform you that probably in a couple of month or so I,ll be moving to Australia . Firs to visit my brother in Eskdale , Victoria.Can't wait to breath the fresh air .,China
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