Trudeau Liberals surge ahead over Conservatives


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Nov 25, 2008
Vancouver Island
I hear that Michigan apparently has one mean bitch running that state. She has become a real communist like tyrannical dictator in that American state. While over 22 American states have pretty much drooped all of their Convid 1984 restrictions and gave their people back their old normal freedoms this dumb bitch wants to keep the Convid 1984 restrictions in place.

Of course, here in Canada, we have the same kinds of dumb ass political leaders who want to do the same thing. Keep this Convid 1984 hoax alive and well. They do not want to give up their new found communist like dictatorial powers and control over we the stupid Canadian sheeple that has been handed to them thanks to this Convid 1984 farce and hoax. It's the majority of Canadian buffoons out there that is keeping this Convid virus alive and well. It would seem that those buffoons seem to love communism and living in a communist country called Canada now.

Apparently, there was one American Red state that had a UFC fight going on in one of their stadiums where the fans in the audience were all mask less and were not social distancing. OH MY!! They are all going to die now from Covid now. LOL. Tens of thousands of UFC fans all huddled together enjoying their freedoms once again. I doubt that will be happening anytime soon here in commie country Canada. Yet, the poor smucks in Blue Michigan state still have to live with their communist like Convid 1984 restrictions for at least another who knows how long. They should think about moving to a RED state where freedom thrives once again.

Maybe this is why comrade Doug Ford does not want the land border crossings to open ever again. Ford's slaves in Ontario might drive into one of those RED states and see something that he does not want them to see, FREEDOM and FUN being had by all in those RED states. If some of them were to go visit one of those RED states and then they return home to Ontario they may come back and spread the word and may start to demand their FREEDOMS and FUN and their old normal lives back once again.

Hey, we never know, eh Dougie boy? :D Your day in the court of opinion will hopefully come one day. You will always then be remembered only as a dictator and not a real and true Conservative leader. Only you can end this Convid 1984 bull shit once and for all. Open up Ontario. Works for me. ;)
To a certain extent Doug has to keep sucking off turdOWE to keep the gravy rolling into OntatiOWE from the producing provinces.
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Feb 11, 2020
To a certain extent Doug has to keep sucking off turdOWE to keep the gravy rolling into OntatiOWE from the producing provinces.

It would appear as though most of our welfare recipient bum politicians are nothing more than a bunch of sucks to someone. It should be we the people that our politicians should be sucking up too. But instead they suck up to the globalist elite, and to the many special interest minority communist like groups that are out there. Castro Trudeau appears to have pretty much bought up everything in this country. You and me will have nothing left if this guy stays in power after the next election. WE will have to be happy with owning nothing. ;)