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  • Very happy it's still busy in CR and Cx. St. Joseph's sure needs a rebuild. I haven't been near the CR hosp. for about 20 years. A fellow that works here with my son and once worked for us, said yesterday that there is no work in CR but - he is a house builder and with so many back from Ft. Mac, they probably have their choice of experienced builders. Why did I Think you lived in Errington?
    Close anyway.
    It's the same in Sask, only they're tighter about it. It's been a loose law here for sometime. But they're going to start cracking down on it.

    I think it stems from to many citiots running around the bush during hunting seasons.
    Awwwwww, did I huwt you widdle feewins?? Actually, thanks for the red. I've been getting nothing but greenies lately, and I was starting to think I was like Jesus, or some other mythological creature..........Have a delicious day
    Thanks for your response. I find it hard to believe we seem to disagree so much. I am somewhat of a constitutionalist. I believe government has only the responsibility of providing essential services and infrastructure and regulating commerce. I don't think any govt, other than maybe municipal, has a place in our personal life and finance. I support Ron Paul and the Freeman movement. Hope to chat more. I travel to Tofino regularly, maybe we can meet up for a drink sometime.
    I find you very confusing. You are from the west coast of Vancouver Island (hippy Central), you use the handle 'Taxslave' and yet most of your views and opinions seem to be hardcore right-wing radical. I would like to know how to relate to the juxtaposition of your views vs your place of residence.
    Thanks for the welcome! Been there a few times but i don't live near Sechelt. Closest place to me is Kwalicum.
    Thanks for your help on this I will pass it on. He took the course in Vermillion and is busy looking for a break. He is a go getter so he will make it I am sure. He is trying to find a place in Ellison just north of Kelowna, as they have a volunteer dept that will take him if he lives in the community. It is volunteer but for now he has a job with the Brick so it will help.
    Hi I noted in your post you train firefighters to be safe in the workplace. One of our grand sons
    took the firefighting training course in Alberta this fall and is looking to get into the profession full time. The training course took several months and he did extremely well, is the course of benefit or should he pursue his chosen profession some other way? He is trying to find a position any suggestions as to how he might do that? I know how to get in broadcasting and farming but this one is beyond me
    Fred Steele or on the boards I am damngrumpy thanks for any advice you might have
    No, don't be an idiot. It's trolling because I hadn't even posted in that thread, and because you're misrepresenting my views, which you don't appear to understand at all.

    And I'm not sure why you consistently feel the need to bring up my education. It's weird, and it has absolutely nothing to do with points of debate in any of this.
    I give negative post ratings to trolls. What I have a problem with is your skewed version of reality where you think you know what I think. You don't, and I've explained it to you before, though that hasn't stopped you.
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