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  • When I got back from St Paul's, I went to the library and looked up alternative cures for a heart disease. It is quite educational to do that. First thing I learned was that bypass surgery is redundant if they shoot you up with blood thinners. Herbs and vitamins are essential. The most important thing in recovery from any disease is to take personal responsibility for your recovery and not give it over to some 3rd party. You need to answer this simple question, "Do you want to live?"
    In the 1930s a doctor discovered that cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment. One of the most acid forming foods we eat is sugar. So, eliminate sugar from the diet is essential. Then taking baking soda, lemon and/or dandelion tea is very useful to kill cancer cells. That is the very simplified version. Doing your own research will be most effective in taking responsibility for your health.
    "It" was out of line?

    The bulk of your posts are out of line.

    From generalizing the US, to blind and direct insults.

    You should practice what you cry about more often.
    Ocean Breeze --- where are you ?

    This forum has not been the same since you left. True, you check in once in a while. But that is not enough.

    TALK TO ME!!!

    peace ...:smile:
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