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  • lol... look what you did with your announcement. The trolls are dolling out red reps en masse now Ron. lol.
    sorry ,Ron ,I don't know much about the rules of the forum because i am new here !Thanks for you attention !Thanks a lot .I will pay attention this
    Sure, share away. I will happily abide by which ever is decided. I'm sure the fact that I am new doesn't help. Thanks for the compliments, I'm glad you enoyed the site. It was increadably fun to make.
    Hi Ron,
    Can I link to my youtuibe video since the videois not clickable? At least until I findthe energy to make a new one. I am pretty pleased with how I jammed in all the provinces and territories. If you'd prefer not, that's fine also.

    And nope! I don't even wear glasses and I'm far to crazy for Sears to want me as thier sales agent :p
    I never actually thought about it. I only had it on since I created it to showcase Canadas places. I never even considered the ads. I'll take the link off.
    Oh sh* are here.....I thought Hazmart was stuck here all by her lonespme with the atheist hater.
    We have no ice - Last year was a bitch though - melt freeze and again and again - went thru a lot of salt and sweat equity.
    Hi Ron....

    Is there any way to get our quote feature to reflect if a quote has been edited? If we can get our resident whiners to use the feature, maybe we can get our top battling tops to cease with the you-edited-your-post-no-I-didn't bickering
    I sent a PM to carlamaureen asking about the two accounts(there is carlamaureen and carlamaureen1 at the bottom of the main page). A message will hopefully be placed on my Wall with the explanation.
    Happy New Year to you and your family Ron.. May 2010 bring us all health and happiness that we deserve.
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