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  • lol... btw, have you Googled 'Greg Almon'? Some of the search results are hilarious. It kind of sounds like someone dropped her 'V' card on this guy and is FURIOUS that she got played. lol.
    Yeah, that confirmed my suspicions... you can see the members online, even when you're banned. He's sitting there waiting for us to go to bed. Care to go invisible and screw with him? (you can't see walls when banned).
    Hey Ron... could you do me a favour? Could you ban me for about fifteen minutes? I want to see if a banned member can still watch the member list once banned, and wait that way for us to log off for the night to start up again. Make sense?
    The new system ( Beta) Not sure if that is the name - I see has ratings for comments - Is this selective or just being rolled out?
    Aw darn, I was just winding up to give Mr.Ed Whitten of 'BeGooseFree' a schooling in the proper ettiquette of internet advertising. lol.
    lol... I've been itching to point it out... he's resolutely stayed there, and will never move. The funny part is that he could have been rude to me a million times over, but be rude, condescending, etc., to my friends, and I apparently take that ten times worse. lol.
    But, but, but... what about the people who put people on ignore for bragging about putting people on ignore? uhmmm... incase I know any of those people. lol.
    lol - I totally understand - I can remember reporting a few of my own posts when I was modding. Still, it was an awesome pic and post imo. ;)
    can't green ya - is that feature just disabled? ... but hadda tell ya your post just now with the fisherman with his umpteen rods in the water made me laugh!
    ya know....the crap that is said about God and Christ by some posters I find more offensive than swearing.
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