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    Omnibus Russia Ukraine crisis

    I’m still waiting on the announcement of these war tools to be donated to the Ukraine: They’ve been pretty effective so far….
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    Conservatives Get Austed

    Wait, is this what you were referring to so vaguely without any follow up or explanation? This week has been a particularly busy one for those with Pierre Poilievre derangement syndrome. At this point, almost anything the prospective Conservative leader says or does becomes a flash point for...
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    What Emergency Act?

    Whatever this (annual?) thing in Toronto today was….I’m assuming there was more police injuries, shootings, stabbings, assaults (civilians upon civilians as opposed to police upon civilians which doesn’t seem to count) and it’s still going on….than during the entire three weeks of the trucker...
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    Conservatives Get Austed

    Are you trying to bring up ethics violations & potential fraud charges regarding sitting Canadian MP’s? Is that where you’re going? Something bordering on a conflict of interest? Careful or You might be silenced for spreading disinformation like WE or Aga Kahn or SNC Lavalamp or Admiral Mark...
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    Biden hires lawyer to keep him out of jail

    Meh…I watched the OP Video expecting to hear that Biden was dipping his cigar in Lewinsky (?) or that he pressured Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden (?) or something impeachable from recent memory, but this isn’t that.
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    Three of Ontario’s four main parties say they favour electoral reform

    This would be news if the Ontario Progressive Conservatives preferred a fully proportional system…Otherwise it just isn’t.
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    happy truth reconciliation day

    Trudeau will attend Kamloops ceremony marking anniversary of unmarked graves discovery.
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    Conservatives Get Austed

    Please elaborate o’cryptic one.
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    Omnibus Russia Ukraine crisis

    Russia’s war in Ukraine has thrust grain into the spotlight. Up to 50 million people — especially in the countries of Africa and the Middle East — risk famine within months without access to Ukrainian wheat. Europe’s breadbasket is entrenched in public...
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    Conservatives Get Austed

    Albanese is Italian for “Albanian” (Google) It’s a quote. With a link attached.
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    Buck-A-Ride A Massive Hit with Voters

    Ontario’s New Democrats are crying foul over a last-minute Liberal candidate saying it doesn’t look like they meet the requirements to run. The NDP has repeatedly asked Elections Ontario to investigate the eligibility of Audrey Festeryga, the Liberal candidate in Chatham-Kent–Leamington. Now...
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    Ah….pronouns….is Democrat on the list of 72?
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    Conservatives Get Austed

    Well, at least Albanese can differentiate himself from his opponents with his claim that his name is the only one that was on the ballot that was a “non-Anglo Celtic” name. Meh… So seriously, I’m assuming you’re posting this as a back door looking for a reaction from Canadians about Canada and...
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    Roe v. Wade overturned?