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  • Hi Ron... I was popping onto your wall to tell you how much I like your avatar pics, and spotted this post from SuzyQ. New members can't PM until they have 50 posts, or some such number, under their belts. It's one of the forum's spam prevention measures, to keep spammers from easily sneaking in and flooding PM boxes with links and sales pitches.

    Sorry for 'eavesdropping'. lol.

    Anyway, GORGEOUS puppies Ron. Thanks for putting the pics up.
    Hey how are you. I'm new here and I was reading about your comp. getting infected with our friend Antivirus 2009. Well he decided too pay me a visit also. Lucky huh LOL. Anyways you had a way too get rid of it. Can you pass it on too me. I

    I couldn't figure out where the PM thing is.

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