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  • Good Morning Ron! I don't know if you remember me at all but I must apologize to you about Spaminator. He is a friend of mine, (Shadow also knows him too but only as his original name that he mentioned in here as another 's' word), as I told him about this place. I must tell you, aside from the questionable name, he is not here to cause trouble. He is actually a really nice person! I realize the problem with the names but I just thought that I would let you know this. Anyway, have a great day!
    dear ron, are you a moderator? i am new to this forum. what i posted are not sub forums of this website. you can change my screen name to spaminator. i am however dissapointed since i have used the previous screen name and avatar on other forums and have not had any problems. :(
    Thank you and Happy Thankgiving to you and your family. That photo is so cool - I remember watching a show on a shark resercher working in the Indian Ocean - he would hold a small fish by its tail and that shark would swoop in take the fish and never touch him -
    Hey Ron! Is it threatening snow yet in your area?
    Also, forgive my tardiness, our mayor is no longer Sam Sullivan, the handicap fella. It's some young whipper snapper now.
    Hi Ron.
    It wouldn't bother me if you wanted to merge my topic on the drunken truck driver with Goober's topic.
    You are headed in the right direction - but the one with the hairy head well - not my type - You will have to keep on trying.
    Ron - pLease note I have changed my little dittie - The term bodacious has been added - Photos please?
    I see there are some potential records to be broke out West today. Enjoy it bud! It's mild here as well!
    Weird weather, eh? It is nice here during the day, but it cools off something fierce overnight. Kind of like the desert(and it hasn't rained here in around 19 days or so!).
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