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  • oops, hit my finger in wrong place, BUT it must be illegal to dub in things like that, and make it sound like the person is actually saying those things,
    and I would never think he would be actually do that, it would
    be arrogant and ignorant.
    the clip was showing thomas doing all of his handshakes, and what he was saying during each one, eg. you didn't score on me, you didn't score on me, you didn't score, etc., and a few different remarks that seems so outragious
    that it must be all dubbed in, BUT
    What a disappointment, Shiv. Talk about not even showing up to play. Boston on the other hand was outstanding, save for the refs letting them get away with everything but murder - they played hard and won the game, and I have to give them credit for that, unfortunately.

    Will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow night - at this point - I don't have a clue.
    Well, I am not a huge follower of the CFL(certainly, not as much as you are), but I root for the Argos whenever I can(local and all that). I do hope the Riders can stop piercing your heart and win the Cup as they have gotten soooo close just to have it ripped away.

    Tonight's game should be a doozy! I hope that there aren't any shenanigans from either team and that hockey(not goonery) is the only thing played tonight.:)
    At least it can be said that your team made it to the Grey Cup for two years in a row! That is not an easy task in of itself.:)
    Sorry to hear that the Als broke the RoughRiders' hearts for the second year in a row. Such a close game!:(
    Hi! Boy was that an amazing game or what. Its great to see 2 great teams start the season on a high note. Both were playing so well. I think we are in for a fantastic season! Can't wait to see them next Saturday!
    I know, I was very sad to see Tillman go, he did a really good job! I agree too that it is sad to lose great players as the whole team came to far and really worked well together. I hope we don't lose too many more!
    Here's a I show up on your list of friends? I didn't ask you. You're on mine, you asked.
    T'anks, as the Newfies say! I had more to say but of course, don't want people to fall asleep. I might add a few more anecdotes as time goes's a really good thread!
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