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    Two years into the Trudeau 2.0 Minority Term, which day will Justin call the election that only he wants?

    Thank you for all your posts about the unnecessary election, Ron. I try to check in as much as I can and really enjoy all your posts. Keep them coming.
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    CFL 2021

    Happy to see my Riders are rockin' the CFL so far. Now that I have found a home, I hope to be able to get to a live game one of these days.
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    Trudeau has officially kicked off the 2021 election! Check out this analysis of his track record on keeping promises over the past 6 years.

    TJ Haggart For anyone on the fence about who to vote for this election remember these words and remember this photo. Remember the smoke taste at the back of your throat. Remember that Trudeau called an election while the West coast of this country is literally on fire, in the middle of...
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    N.S. Liberal candidate says she was forced to drop out of race over boudoir photos

    Better vetting would have prevented this exhibitionist from even entering the race.
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    Toronto councillors vote to rename Dundas St.

    I think backbone would be a better criteria.
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    Toronto councillors vote to rename Dundas St.

    “I think that’s when the rubber meets the road. Just imagine your health card, driver’s license, credit card and everything else,” Wright said Wednesday.
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    Toronto councillors vote to rename Dundas St.

    All the money they are going to spend changing street names would be better spent doing something about the homeless and the high crime rate.........but what the hell...........feelings are involved and they trump anything else.
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    Democrats Truly Are Feckin' Stupid.

    Yep. LOL
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    Canada's New Governor General Designate

    I've known and written about Chief Louis for years, JLM. He was one of the first Chiefs to call out the criminals on reserves that burn down churches.
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    Canada's New Governor General Designate

    Our local reserve is another fine example of people getting on with their lives and leaving the 'activism' to those who 'feel' the need to milk as much from Canada as they can. The Canim Lake Band has over 70% employment. They have a small medical clinic that is open to anyone in need. Now...
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    Canada's New Governor General Designate

    There are some people that move forward and there are some people who are forever looking back. Who do you think are the ones that actually accomplish something, JLM? Not all First Nations people are whingers and complainers. We just never hear enough from the ones that are leading good...
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    Canada's New Governor General Designate

    They 'wound up dead' a very long time ago, JLM. Almost from the beginning I've believed the 'discoveries' which weren't, were timed specifically for Canada Day to gain as much attention as possible. As I mentioned before there is nothing 'new' about the grave sites. Taxme makes a very good...
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    Canada's New Governor General Designate

    What happened in some residential schools was without doubt horrific, JLM. That said, the fact that children were ill-treated has been known for decades now. You would have to have lived under a rock not to have heard at least one report about the schools if not dozens. The locations of the...
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    Bills C-10 & C-36

    Another great article by Rex. He knows how to get to the very heart of the matter and hammer his point home with ease.